Best Of MSW


  1. I’m a Boring Man
  2. How To Survive in L.A. for One Night With No Money
  3. Jesus Jones Road Trip Challenge ‘09
  4. Three Men and a Baby Live Blog
  5. I Am a Juggalette ‘Til I Die
  6. The Ultimate Regift (a Christmas Story)
  7. The State of Popular Music
  8. Secretary Drama
  9. Theme Party Ideas
  10. How to Get Over a Bro
  11. Some Things I Know For Sure
  12. Dear People Getting Married
  13. No One on The Internet Cares About You
  14. Best Dating Advice Ever
  15. Bed Bug Announcement
  16. Predicting the Bed Bugs
  17. A Mid-Bed Bugs Thank You to My Readers
  18. How I Lost 60 Pounds
  19. Text Messages From a Loser Ex-Boyfriend
  20. How To Shake off a Loser Ex-Boyfriend
  21. Penny Flame
  22. The Only Public Freak Out I’ve Ever Had About Blogging
  23. On Unpaid Internships
  24. I Loved Catfish. I Talk About It Here.
  25. Mustache Peterson
  26. The Summer I Spent in Italy
  27. What’s in My Bed?
  28. 23-Year-Old Idiot Sees Ex-Boyfriend on Date, Dies
  29. In Defense of LOL
  30. How To Make a Bloody Molls
  31. My Policy On Sharing Other People’s Information
  32. The Woman Who Facebooked Me About My Dad
  33. Revenge
  34. Yerba Mate: Game Changer
  35. The Molly McAleer Flirting Handbook
  36. My Face in a LACMA Book! 
  37. My Message Board Soulmate
  38. I Found Six Dollars
  39. Ed and I Got a Wheelchair From a Pregnant Prostitute
  40. I Got Recognized on ChatRoulette
  41. Ball Towels
  42. A Funny Thing About Hollywood
  43. The Red Crayon Incident
  44. The History of Ed and Molls
  45. How I Keep My Purse
  46. I Love Yogurtland
  47. I Stole a Tank Top From Express When I Was 15
  48. Thoughts On Working Environments
  49. Why I’m Wearing Neon Green Tights Under My Jeans
  50. Diva Cup? UGH!
  51. How To Tell a Bad Landlord You’re Moving
  52. A Fun Game
  53. Cool Job Interview
  54. The Times In Which Screaming is Acceptable
  55. The Only Thing I’ve Ever Written That’s Upset My Mother
  56. Stomach Sleepers Unite
  57. The Backwards Oreo
  58. Trickery & Begging
  59. On Moving Forward vs. Revenge
  60. An Emotional Post About Kendra Wilkinson
  61. Survival
  62. Watching 2 Girls 1 Cup with Kay Hanley
  63. In Which I Admit To an Endless Amount of Nerdery
  64. Eminem: Diamonds and Pearls Liveblog
  65. Sara’s Magical Motorcycle Date
  66. Humiliated at Work
  67. What’s a Templeton?
  68. Memories of Sister Hazel
  69. Texts I Sent My Ex-Boyfriend the Week He Dumped Me
  70. How to Pant Leopard Print on Your Nails

P.S. You hatin’? ;)

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