i’m a boring man


The parts of my life that I normally feel comfortable sharing on my blog have now been replaced with an office job. I’m just too wiped out to go get buck at the end of the day and news-wise, I pretty much have no idea what’s going on in the world. I even slept through the earthquake that I was actually in last night. 

I got home around 8 tonight. I picked up a six pack of beer and cigarettes on the corner, which is impossible to write without it sounding manish and that’s unfortunate because I’m totally a lady. What I did next won’t support that claim, BTW.

I ordered a pizza and I moved furniture. Halfway through moving my dresser across the room, I switched from a long sleeved t-shirt to a tank top. I’m about to watch Jurassic Park, I think. 

I go to bed by midnight most nights now. This job is over in July. Expect to read about a bunch of college boys finding my carcass in the middle of the Nevada desert come mid-August because I’m going on a bender

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