some big news (and a bigger thank you)


In late February of this year I started writing a sample television script. I guess in the back of my mind I’d hoped that it would result in me getting hired on a show or that I could maybe even sell it, but my main goal was to write something that I was proud of. I’ve shared most of my writing over the last five years with the public on either my blog or other blogs and while that’s all definitely real work that I have been very proud of, I wanted to do something that I felt would show some diversity.

Writing characters and dialogue has always been my passion. I figured that out in college while writing with my sketch group, Hello…Shovelhead! In a way, my passion for writing sketch comedy was why I’ve done everything else that I’ve done. If you don’t believe me, then I’ll show you the awful tattoo I have of a shovel wearing a bowtie that’s on my lower hip. I had it done a couple years back because I sensed I was losing track of my goals and I needed to do something drastic. This is how my mind works, whatever.

I didn’t take a direct route for a really long time, and I don’t think that that’s entirely uncommon when you’re simply trying to get your voice heard. Instead of concentrating on one thing, I took the long way there. I chose to blog under my own name for the last five years, and the writing I did online lead me to a lot of amazing people that have been both co-workers and friends.

As I said, in February I decided to challenge myself and retrain my brain to write offline. It’s a big switch and anyone who tells you different probably has never tried to do it. I’m used to an instant response from my audience. I’m used to blabbing about everything I want to talk about as soon as I want to do it and not a second later. To sit down and write a sample was a completely foreign experience, but its completion is the thing I am most proud of in my life right now. I haven’t even gotten to the good news yet and this is what I want you to remember: I am more proud of myself for overcoming the fear I had going in to this project than I am of the end result.

I wrote a pretty good sample, guys. If I may be so bold (and I may, who the fuck are we kidding?) it’s awesome. I shocked myself by seeing how naturally it came to me and how much fun I had doing it. I spent a lot of days giggling to myself while I wrote it, which for me is always the first sign that I’m doing something right. I finished writing its final draft on April 27th.

A month ago I met with Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings (total heroes) about writing on their new CBS sitcom, Two Broke Girls. The title alone should tell you that I had no problem speaking at length about the show’s subject matter and to top it off, it’s starring one of my favorite funny ladies on the planet, Kat Dennings. She and I became friends via Twitter earlier this year, and I am passionate about her talent. I mean, so is everyone, but I really love her and I have for years.

About a week after my meeting with Michael and Whitney, I found out that they hired me. I got the job. The show’s set to air in a hit-TV show sandwich between How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men. I have never been more honored or excited or freaked out or heart-bursty in my life. I puked next to a mailbox when I sent my signed contract back to the network because I couldn’t even deal with what was happening to my life once the metal door slammed after I dropped the envelope behind it.

This post is a long-winded version of the biggest thank you I could ever give you in my life. I wanted to give you some backstory, but know that this is not only about me. It’s about each and every one of you who’s ever emailed me or liked a blog post or encouraged me to keep waking up after five years of hell and continuing to do what I love to do.

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is how easy it is to be unkind to someone when they seemingly don’t have anything to offer, but most of you guys have never made me feel that way. There are days when I’ve wanted to die and I’ve gotten an email from someone who’s read my work saying that they wanted to die too until they found my blog and got to keep themselves busy with it, so thank you. Thank you to anyone who slowed down their pace to give me a hand or was patient with me when I acted insufferable. I will absolutely never forget your role in my life.

Thanks to anyone who’s helped keep me broke, too. I’m looking at you, former boss who fired me because I was an awful personal assistant. You just got me the best job ever.

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