today an internet personality leaked private information about one of her celebrity neighbors that could put their life in jeopardy as this particular personality doesn’t hide where she lives


I can’t tell you how pissed off I am and how much I think this is a blatant cry for attention. I am completely disgusted. Does “breaking” that a couple next door to you is having a screaming match win anyone’s hearts?

This Internet personality is regularly toasted and roasted for the way she’s masterfully flailed her way to the Internet Lower Middle, but this doesn’t seem like self-promotion. It feels like she put two people and their children in danger for the sake of sounding cool.

And BTW, there is no deletion on the Internet anymore. It’s all tucked away and bookmarked somewhere. Her attempt to withdraw her statement is null and void as it’s already been seen by a handful of people, and likely some of the “right” people, the people who will make this celebrity miserable because they live next to a parrot with a face full of rat testicles.

Let it be known: I will do a lot of things while I’m trying to figure out the best path to be known for what I do and for doing it well, but one of them will never be tearing down the personal lives of those who don’t deserve it and made the unfortunate mistake of renting property next to me.

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